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I love this place. Nearly everything I've had here has been great. The crab rangoon and shrimp toast are perfect. The veggie eggroll was kind of meh to me. Though I'm discovering that I'm perhaps not a fan of the traditional American Chinese eggroll. I like the Vietnamese style ones with the cellophane noodles and side of fish sauce. The kung bao shrimp was fantastic as was the garlic shrimp and empress prawns. Anything with shrimp here is a can't miss. The garlic sauce is probably my favorite sauce here, so anything with that on it is a can't miss also. I don't like the 20 dollar min. delivery, though. Maybe I should delete a star for that.


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Let's start with this information: My husband doesn't particularly enjoy Chinese food. At least not on a regular basis. Now, in the last 2 months we've probably ordered at least twice, and it's been his idea both times. We've had a variety of dishes, and they're always great. Large, but not gargantuan, portions. Enough for two meals, ideally. The crab rangoon are tasty, and when I requested my empress chicken to be extra spicy, they obliged in the best way. They also delivered in way less than the projected time. I have a feeling we'll be getting to know each other VERY well.


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Chinese food always makes me a bit anxious and Young's is always a good bet. The food quality seems really good (especially the cuts of meat which is where I get nervous), and they pay attention to special requests. Last time I asked for sauce on the side, knowing it was a gamble, and was delighted to see that they were able to accommodate this. The orange chicken is a hit for everyone in our family.


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Young's is easily the best Chinese food on the Northside of the City. Everything is always fresh, good portions, great proteins, and nice fresh vegetables. What set's them apart are their sauces. Not greasy, but super flavorful. I've been ordering from them for 5 years, and I hope to order for another 5! Orange Chicken and Pork Lo-mein are a must! Cheers.


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Delivery was prompt, even a little bit early and everything was steaming hot! We ordered the chicken fried rice, steamed dumplings, crab rangoon, and egg rolls. Everything was pretty standard, but the steamed dumplings stole the show. They were delicious! I would definitely order from them again.

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This is our favorite Chinese take out, always delicious!

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